Enneagram Type 6

The Loyalist

The Loyalist

Enneagram Type 6s belong to the Thinking Triad. They want to be safe and secure, feel belonged, ensure things go smoothly with little or no shocks. Unsurprisingly, they function best where the rules are defined and structures and systems are set so that they can follow it closely and ensure that everyone does as well without having to confront anyone.

There can be 2 sides to the  Enneagram Type 6, frequently referred to as the phobic or counter-phobic Six. The phobic Six fears the worst constantly and takes precautions to try to ensure these fears are minimised. The counter-phobic Six, while still haunted by fear, chooses to fight their fear by pushing through it just so that they can convince themselves that they can deal with it although this underlying feeling never does go away. It’s inherent within the Type 6. They can sometimes resemble the tough 8s but their motivations are different.

Sixes are doubting and sceptical by nature. Their curiosity prompts them to ask a lot of questions, seek clarification that will help alleviate the doubt. But once the coast is clear, the Six feels relieved to move ahead. Their constant worry leads them to be very prepared, in fact over-prepared and this deprives them of practicing spontaneity. This can take a knock on their confidence. Their preparation does bring big advantages in the form of reliability, fluid thinking processes and contingency plans when unforeseen circumstances happen.

Early Childhood of Enneagram Type 6

Early Childhood

The Enneagram Type 6 child grew up having trust in their caregiver like any other child only to have that trust betrayed ,having not shown up in situations where they were supposed to. As a result, the child adapted to those situations and adopted a mindset of preparedness for the worst case scenario. The Type 6 child felt that they should be ready for unpredictability and that there are no safe places to go. They lost faith that they would receive the physical and emotional protection that a caregiver should provide. As such, they caved in to their own inner defense of doubting, second guessing, and disbelieving their own inner guidance.

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Strengths of the Enneagram Type 6

Limitations of Enneagram Type 6

Any type becomes Unresourceful when they begin to over-do some of the thoughts and behaviours that are typical of the type.

Reflections for the Enneagram Type 6

Subtypes for the Enneagram Type 6

Known as The Family Loyalist and their Vulnerabilities / Vices is Warmth. They create safety through connections and friendships through personal warmth. This gives them a sense of protection to face danger together.

Known as The Warrior and their Vulnerabilities / Vices is Strength or Beauty. They are counterphobic, appearing bold or intimidating, and overcome fear through strength, intellect, idealism, or creating beauty to create stability.


Known as The Social Guardian and their Vulnerabilities / Vices is Duty. They feel it is their duty to have clear roles and rules in the group or society as well as create clear agreements with others to overcome fear.

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