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18 & 19 July 2024

10 & 11 October 2024

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10, 11, 14, 15 October 2024

01, 02, 03 and 04 October 2024 (Singapore)

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29 & 30 October 2024
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About Us

Welcome to Centre for Enneagram - Enneagram Course Providers Singapore

Centre for Enneagram (powered by EQ World) is devoted to being a beacon for others to discover the gems that exist within each one of us. Within all of us, there lies certain universal qualities that express the essence of the human psyche. We explore these essential characteristics and help others discover a deeper sense of self through our actions, reactions and interactions.

We train and coach individuals in the Enneagram for personal & leadership development, as well as certify one to become an Enneagram Practitioner, Facilitator or Coach.

Our Team

Dr. Granville D’Souza

Granville is the CEO and Founder of EQ World Pte Ltd, a consulting and training practice specialising in organisational behaviour and performance.

Marion Nicole Teo

Marion Nicole Teo is the Group COO at EQ World and is a Certified Master Trainer, Facilitator and Coach in both EQ and the Enneagram.

Alicia Ng

Alicia Ng is the Sales and Marketing Director of EQ World, and a certified Enneagram and EQ Facilitator and Coach.

Daniel Yeo

Daniel Yeo is the Country Director, EQ World China, a certified executive coach and keynote speaker, shares insights on mindful leadership and effective strategies.

Dr. Jerome Wagner

Dr. Jerome Wagner, Ph.D., is a distinguished clinical psychologist, seasoned psychotherapist, supervisor, and and consultant in private practice.

Enneagram Training Program

Self-Mastery & Authentic Communication With The Enneagram

To increase self-awareness, recognize blind spots and communicate more effectively with others.

Enneagram Practitioner Certification (Level 1)

To deepen awareness and understanding of yourself, and gain clarity on your motivations and blind spots to connect more deeply and authentically with others.

Enneagram Coach Certification (Level 2)

To develop a deeper understanding of the Enneagram and learn how to Coach using advanced tools and techniques to mentor and support others.

Enneagram Advanced Practitioner Certification (Level 3)

To use the Enneagram to deepen self-awareness and learn about advanced theories, strategies and practices to assist and mentor others.

Our Gallery

Enneagram Course Testimonials

Attending this enrichment course has been incredibly valuable for me. The comprehensive curriculum and expert instructors provided practical insights and strategies that have significantly enhanced my business. Highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to improve themselves!

Karyl Phua Great Eastern Financial Advisors

The trainers were exceptionally insightful and knowledgeable, demonstrating both expertise and patience throughout the program. Their ability to convey complex concepts clearly and effectively was impressive, making the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding. This course has significantly enhanced my coaching skills and improved my ability to connect and collaborate with diverse individuals. Highly recommended for anyone looking to advance their professional abilities!

Joey Yee Great Eastern Life Assurance

Attended level 1 and level 2 of the Enneagram courses and it exceeded all my expectations! What was especially meaningful for me is that it deepened my self-understanding, highlighting how we can remain true to our core type while adapting to various scenarios. The conversations with the group were very interesting too. This has helped me greatly when interacting with the people around me, helping me at work and to understand my loved ones better too. The instructors did an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand models, presenting them in a clear, step-by-step structure that I didn't think was possible. This course is truly worth exploring!

Ellie Tay Great Eastern Life Assurance

The course was well structured and I learned so much from it. One of the key takeaways for me was understanding and accepting people better. The Enneagram framework really helped me see things from different perspectives and I feel more equipped to interact with others in a more empathetic way. Another highlight of the course was learning how to coach better. The Enneagram not only helped me understand myself better but also gave me insights into how to support and coach others effectively. I feel more confident in my coaching abilities after completing this course. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and others. It's a great learning opportunity with many valuable insights.

Kenny Lim Great Eastern Life Assurance

Granville and Alicia were knowledgeable, engaging and fun trainers. I love that the trainers were flexible enough to deviate away from theory at times, to let us learn the difference between textbook and application. Overall, the Enneagram course was enjoyable with rich content from multiple books and sources that are constantly updated to make sure we always have the most accurate perception of the Enneagram. Definitely will recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn more about yourself and others through this course, which will definitely help in your communication and understanding moving forward. 👍🏻

Voon Jin Goh Great Eastern Life Assurance

Attended level 1 Enneagram with Gran, Daniel and Alicia. Nothing but the best learning experience, very dedicated, committed. 10/10 recommend for anyone who wants to know more about the Enneagram or Emotional Intelligence.

Glen Neo Great Eastern Life Assurance

The full 4-day certification was a wonderful experience to not only learn about understanding and leading myself better, but it opened a very comprehensive gateway to understanding others and for leading teams. The facilitator team of 3 provided great clarity on undertaking the 9 types, provided an abundance of real experiences for understanding application, and also readily provided support and distinctions of the various types and their interactions. If you are looking to develop an in-depth capability to learn and use a leadership assessment do consider the Enneagram Journey😄

Yoosuf Moiz Board Director of Annie’s All Natural

One of the most remarkable aspects of the courses were its emphasis on communication skills with individuals of different Enneagram types. Learning to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others has not only enriched my interactions but also fostered a deeper sense of empathy and connection in my relationships, both personal and professional. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the Enneagram, creating an engaging and supportive learning environment. Their expertise shone through in every session, and their dedication to helping each participant understand the material was truly commendable. Overall, I cannot recommend the courses highly enough. Whether you're seeking personal growth, professional development, or simply a deeper understanding of yourself and others, this course is an absolute game-changer. Thank you to the entire team for such a transformative experience!


Enjoyed the 4-day session and amazed at the experience and wealth of knowledge of each trainer. The workbook was very helpful and the Coach Profile was one of the most accurate Enneagram profiles I have seen.

Emilio Mark Pereira HSBC Life (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Gran, Daniel and Alicia have such different styles which contribute to the breadth and depth of the course. They created a safe environment for participants to share their perspective and clarify doubts. There was a good balance of theory and application, making the Enneagram relevant and practical.

Seraphine Ann Chia Style with Sera

The 4 day Enneagram Practitioner Certification course provided me a detailed insightful understanding on the behavioural patterns and motivations of each different personality type. The knowledge taught is applicable across life, it helps me understand and better manage my relationships in family and work. I really love how the course was structured. Granville, Daniel and Alicia were able to easily deliver the knowledge across through games, activities, and with tonnes of case studies and co-sharing by all the participants. This course is definitely worth every cent of my investment. I will return for more personal development courses with EQ world.

Jeanette Lee AIA SIngapore

This is one of the best self-discovery and mastery courses I have ever attended. Many times, we don’t understand others or people don’t understand us because we are all different and unique. This causes conflict and distrust amongst each other. Really glad to attend the course by Granville, Alicia and Daniel. They make learning so engaging and fun. After the course, I got to know myself better and made good friends. Come with an open heart and you will discover a fuller heart and mind after the course. Thumbs up! 👍

Steve Sim AIA SIngapore

Awesome experience with the Enneagram level 1 course! Facilitators sharing their personal experience, went through case studies and the overall experience was nothing short of a joyful, helpful and informative session. Special shout-out to Alicia, Daniel and Gran for the amazing interactive session!

Benjamin Koh AIA Singapore Pte Ltd

EQ World has a team of fun, humble and professional trainers. The 4 full day course flew past so fast, with so much laughter and knowledge! Thank you, EQ World! 😊 Highly recommended place for learning and self-development! 😃

Lanny Widjaja Income Insurance Limited

Praise the Lord for leading me to this course. Only regret is not knowing this early enough. Now I understand how and why people feel and respond in a certain way. Highly recommended.

Francis Edmund Tay ASM Front End Singapore Pte Ltd

“We are constantly trying our best to prepare our students well, starting with getting to know themselves better. We have engaged Marion and she has helped the students understand who they are and what they can do with the gaps. Marion has been really engaging and the students became more aware of themselves and even come to her personally for guidance and advice. This is quite heartening to see. The Enneagram training by Marion is great!”

Desmond Teo Career Advise at NUS Career Centre

“Through the Enneagram workshop, I have learnt a lot about myself and become more aware of myself, both the positive and negative sides. And I think it is helpful because I am able to improve myself as well as how to work with people better. I also enjoyed the energy that Marion had and I would recommend anyone to attend her course.”

Kevin Teo NUS Student

“Recently I attended an EQ course conducted by Granville D’Souza which included a segment on Enneagram. The course was very interesting and the Enneagram segment was particularly insightful as it helped me to understand myself (and others) much better. Granville is an excellent coach and is very engaging and keeps the audience interested with a variety of teaching tools such as video clips, games, audience participation etc. I particularly enjoyed hearing anecdotes of his personal and teaching experiences which gave me hope (if I can learn the tool, I can change myself). He’s definitely an expert on this subject. I would welcome the opportunity to attend his course again and highly recommend it.”

Diana Lee Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

“Dr Granville isn’t afraid of the good, the bad or the ugly situations that may happened in life. He willing shares personal experiences about issues in the past, which may have profound shaped individuals to be the way they are now. A very humble and approachable man, Granville’s workshop is very interactive and very open. Oftentimes filled with laughter, and even chills when they concern the paranormal. The Life Experiences are distilled and presented as ‘stories’ to enthral you.”

Thng Wen You Senior Executive, National University of Singapore

“Granville is a very authentic, knowledgeable and passionate trainer and facilitator. His insights and sharing on the Enneagram tool has helped me understand myself better. Although I have undergone an Enneagram programme conducted by another trainer, Granville helped me ‘type’ myself in the right place. I felt good about it. Thank you Granville, you are an inspiration!”

Caroline Then Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

“Enneagram is a fascinating program about self-discovery/reflection and appreciation of others. It is self-empowering and very pertinent to our daily lives. I was apprehensive about the program initially as it came across as ‘intensive’ but Granville’s energetic, enthusiastic and effervescent style got me engaged from the moment I entered the class! His well-timed and genuine facilitation has benefited me, professionally and personally a lot.”

Jason Tan Manager(Deans Office), Office of Student Affairs National University of Singapore

“Granville is a passionate teacher in the field of Enneagram. Learning and knowing the skills of Enneagram is important for business and meeting clients. And the best person to learn from is Dr Granville because his deep understanding of the subject.”

David Woo Director, Snappars Publishing – Malaysia

“I’ve read something about Enneagram before but I never found it very interesting, until I attended this training. Gran is very knowledgeable in the subject and successfully gained 100% attention from the audience. His interactive style and activities were very useful and entertaining. Before the training, I never knew I had a 9 Personality (Peaceful Person) until I did the Enneagram questionnaire. It was an eye-opener for me as it makes me understand more of my characteristics. Gran also taught us how to understand other person’s personality, which from my perspective can be easily applied in our day to day lives, but most especially in the workplace. In summary, I would recommend this training to everyone who is interested to learn more about their personalities and to understand their partners, colleagues and people around them.”

Raquel Manumbale Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

“Marion, thank you for the results of the Enneagram test. I found it useful and informative and it made me think about my personality and how I interact with others, especially my family. It really did bring home some truths about my way of making others dependent on me as a key part of my core style and how I overlook my own needs. This is something I can now work on improving. I was a bit sceptical at first about it, but reading the report has made me realise it does make sense, particularly the fact that we have some of the other styles in our personality, which reveal when we are stressed or relaxed. It was in fact far more accurate than I expected and it is certainly helpful in my pursuit of self improvement. I’d like to add that you are a patient and caring coach who gives the time, knowledge and explanation willingly and passionately and it is a pleasure to learn from such a committed teacher. Many thanks.”

Nipa Barber

Our team underwent the EQ and Enneagram programs with EQ World on two different occasions over the last 2 years. Both were facilitated by Marion who was an outstanding trainer. She has a way with people and made everyone feel very comfortable to share and actively participate. The program was well organised and had a fair share of presentations and sharing sessions which made the event very lively with all the open exchanges. Overall, I felt that the team not only benefited from both programs but also enjoyed the training process. Great job Marion and EQ World!

Clarence Ngui Regional Vice President - Medical Education, Zimmer Biomet

The Enneagram Program has primed us to think about framing of communications, both internally and externally; it triggered me to be more self-aware in our communications and interactions with my team. An enhanced tool for deeper consciousness in acknowledging my team’s different personalities and helping me in this leadership transformative journey. I had the pleasure to work with Marion, the program trainer whose unique approach to self-discovery and connection guided me in navigating my personal and professional growth with authenticity. Her comprehensive and effective delivery of the training has redrawn the boundaries in empowering me to achieve my full potential. Highly recommend Marion and the Enneagram program to elevate one’s leadership skills!

Flora Choa Head, Distribution and Premier Banking, RHB Bank

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