Enneagram Type 8

The Challenger

The Challenger

Enneagram Type 8s belong in the Gut / Body Centre and are motivated to be strong, be in control of every situation they are put into. They value taking charge, being in a leadership position and ensuring that they are never taken advantage of which is a big hot button for Type 8.

Enneagram type 8 personalities are assertive, sometimes aggressive if they or those whom they love and care for are taken advantage of. Being the Body type, they find it easier to exert their inner and outer strength to protect their flock even if it means sacrificing themselves in every way to ensure whatever needs to get done, GETS DONE. They will not settle for anything less. Their inner strength, no nonsense, straight to the point stance makes the Eights most misunderstood.

If pushed in a corner which is what Type 8s will not tolerate, they will retaliate with unabated strength and vigour. They are motivated to seek justice and fairness for all, very much like the great protectors of the world. There is a side to the Eight which we may not see but is obvious if you know them well enough. Through their untiring effort, they are persevering, self-sacrificing and brave warriors who have no qualms being in the front line. They display tough love and are intense in voice, physical strength and spirit. They have a Never say die attitude with anything they are passionate about.

Early Childhood of Enneagram Type 8

Early Childhood

The Type 8 child often grew up in an unsafe environment (emotionally and/or physically) and they had to fend for themselves or speak up for which they were often encouraged to. Their caregivers unconsciously gave the impression that if you don’t speak up or fight for your rights, others will trample on you. They didn’t feel being vulnerable as this was either frowned upon or hardly exercised in front of the Eight child. Hence, the tender and sensitive side was hardly nurtured or present in their lives.

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Strengths of the Enneagram Type 8

Limitations of Enneagram Type 8

Any type becomes Unresourceful when they begin to over-do some of the thoughts and behaviours that are typical of the type.

Reflections for the Enneagram Type 8

Subtypes for the Enneagram Type 8

Known as The Survivalist and their Vulnerabilities / Vices is Satisfaction or Survival. They are extremely protective of their family and friends, will survive difficult situations, and need to control supplies and territory.

Known as The Commander and their Vulnerabilities / Vices is Possession or Surrender. They are dominating, need to possess people/things, like to provoke and express their views, and yet can surrender control to their partner.

Known as The Group Leader and their Vulnerabilities / Vices is Friendship or Solidarity. They protect others from unjust authorities/systems and their aggressiveness is mediated by the group’s aligned needs and the common good.

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