The Wings

Wings are the Enneagram styles on each side of your Core style.  They can be considered as a strong shade of your core personality or a secondary style which means that you may also display some of the strong characteristics of these Enneagram styles. For e.g., if your core is a type 3, then your wing could be a 2 or a 4.

When combined, your core style and wing can manifest itself quite distinctly. A core with a strong wing can be quite different than a core Type who does not have a strong wing. They add additional qualities to your core personality.  You can have a wing, 2 wings or no wing. Likewise, you could be high on other core types which are not next to your type though these are not called wings. A good starting point is to observe which personality types you function most from. This can come from your own observation and certainly other peoples’ feedback too. Your own awareness of self at this stage and doing Enneagram profiles will give you strong clues as to your type and wing.

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