The Enneagram provides a precise understanding of human behavior and motivations we might not be aware of. A vibrant nine-type framework called the Enneagram explores the “whys” of human behavior. To assist us in paying attention while we go out in our daily lives, it seeks to increase our awareness of ourselves and others.

The Enneagram provides the most helpful instrument for multi-level organizations’ long-term success.Regular coaching sessions with one of our certified Enneagram specialists typically produce the improvements we observe. Still, you can get some of these advantages by being familiar with and implementing Enneagram’s awareness practices in your workplace and organization.

The following are the advantages of using the Enneagram from the viewpoint of an organization:

  1. Assists teammates in resolving disputes
  1. Helps executives and staff discover more purpose and performance in their job,
  1. As a point of connection for managers,
  1. Pushes leaders to break out of their current ruts.

Let’s examine each of these in turn.

  1. Using the Enneagram to resolve conflicts

Now the Enneagram is a highly accurate tool for swiftly getting to the heart of a problem since it maps temperament according to objectives. This is especially helpful when there is controversy. If indeed the Enneagram is provided swiftly and correctly when the conflict starts, having it in an organization’s toolkit provides a framework within which honest, vulnerable discourse can occur. Conflict frequently emerges due to misunderstanding, value disagreements, or personality factors.

Conflict could arise between two team members. When facilitating conversation using the Enneagram as a framework, the mediator is frequently able to elicit a statement like, “Because of my five vitality, I can sometimes feel fatigued or exhausted by certain social environments I’m thrust into,” by first asking how the participants enneastyle manifests itself at work. Someone with a different personality type could say, “Because I have such a lot three vitality, it feels incredibly tough to slow down at the job and concentrate on the nuances of my assignments instead of rushing to complete them as rapidly as possible,” as an example.

  1. The Enneagram for increased productivity and job satisfaction

According to Dr. Amy Edmondson, a Harvard Business School specialist, and other studies on “psychological safety,” as workers feel more acknowledged and cared for at work, so do their presence and commitment. In addition, the 2017 Gallup research showed that these environments have a 12% gain in productivity, excluding lower turnover and a variety of other advantages.

We find that nothing very has the fullness of a Enneagram, and this is because of the complex nature of the identity structure. Whereas any type of professional growth typically helps promote psychological safety simply because you’re investing in one” s employees, we discover that this isn’t the case with the Enneagram. Instead, the Enneagram encourages empathy and understanding.

Additionally, we frequently discover that using a holistic strategy to a Enneagram helps managers, staff, and other team members understand what each person needs from others in terms of their Enneagram type (encouragement, room to connect, space to work alone on a project, etc.). We’ve witnessed entire organizations alter in a matter of months as this concept is shared as one of a team and spread throughout a company. 

  1. The Enneagram as a tool for management

Employees frequently fail to communicate their demands; management job is difficult and expensive for your company. The Enneagram is superior to other professional personality tests in that it enables managers to have in-depth conversations with employees about their unmet needs by identifying desires and concerns (and with the aid of a straightforward instrument like the Enneaflip). The psychological safety already described includes these interactions. However, we frequently discover that the advantages are most evident for managers who develop new ways to interact with team members, do check-ins, and discuss organisational needs. Managers are better equipped to discuss employee issues since the Enneagram acts as a sort of safety net. 

  1. The Enneagram like a means of assisting leaders to advance

As Marshall Goldsmith famously said, what got you here won’t get you there. This is one of the factors we specialize in the Enneagram because we’ve found it to be beneficial in helping leaders advance past their current growth stage. This is primarily because the Enneagram offers a road map of a fully developed human personality that we can aspire to but will never attain.

The Enneagram stands out from other psychological frameworks because it creates an eternal horizon where the growth narrative is never finished. In need for managers to continue on their route to success, this horizon is the crucial and more significant effect. No matter where you are in your leadership journey, an Enneagram offers this vision and a path for growth that you may pursue.

End Note

You now have it. The adoption of the Enneagram has had a substantial positive impact on corporate culture. In addition, the leaders and staff of your organization will benefit long-term from this transformation because it often lasts for the whole of a person’s professional career.

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